Central maritime catalogue of Montenegro [CKPCG]

Central maritime catalogue of  Montenegro (hereinafter referred to as CKPCG) was intended as an electronic database which comprises library and archival material pertaining to maritime affairs processed with the aid of information technology and in accordance with international standards. The material will be gathered stored in all types of libraries and archives in the territory  of Kotor , Boka  Kotorska  Bay  and Montenegro , as well as in research and scientific institutions, maritime companies, institutions, agencies, associations and state bodies, starting from the earliest written and printed documents to the most recent official materials and publications.

The Project as a whole represents contemporary library-information management system for the filed of maritime affairs (DBMS-Data Base Management System) and it can be a good basis for the creation and management of similar databases in other fields of professional work. Supported by Access, it offers the possibility for a wide scope of browsing, improvement of the quality of browsing through the techniques and usability concept, as well as permanent user-evaluation. By means of adequate designing of the database, the attractiveness of the interface is achieved, as one of the key elements of any programming process, since the emphasis is on the simplicity of the use of the system, on one side, and its effectiveness and efficiency on the other side.

CKPCG is the first virtual catalogue in Montenegro . It represents special metadata on databases in maritime companies (data about data), institutions, organizations, associations and so on.

The Catalogue will be located in Kotor Maritime Faculty Library ( University of Montenegro ). The supporters of the project are: Kotor Maritime Faculty, Central National Library of Montenegro »Đurađ Crnojević«, University Library of Montenegro, Association of Librarians of Montenegro.


Apart from the programme for cataloguing and browsing, which are now dominant points of activity, it is envisaged for the CKPCG to get in its final form another dimension through the implementation of DCKPCG (Digitized Central Maritime Catalogue of Montenegro), when the existing database will be supplemented by the visualization of our most significant maritime artefacts, like: the oldest contracts on construction or sale of vessels, on the transport of goods, from the area of maritime insurance, Statute of the medieval fraternity of seamen, documents related to the oldest formation of seamen – “Bokelian” Navy, Balović’s maritime manual with five-language maritime vocabulary, geographic, hydrographical and other maps of Boka Kotorska Bay, the oldest ship logbooks and other ship books and so on.

CKPCG is open for cooperation and integration with similar projects in this region and wider, since Montenegro and Montenegrin maritime affairs belong to the Mediterranean basin.

With regards to the complexity and scope of professional activities on gathering and processing of material, to the disorganized condition of material pertaining to maritime affairs, to the number of subjects included in this project, as well as their diverse location, it has been envisaged for the Project to be realized through four (4) stages with the minimum duration of five (5) years.

Stage One (which is ongoing, and the dynamics of the realization depends on financial resources secured) comprises:

* Continuous animation for the project and inclusion of maritime subjects, owners of maritime material, as well as professional public and media;
* Drafting of the Methodological instruction for selection, professional processing, preservation and presentation of archival and library material on maritime affairs;
* Amending already started Register of the owners of maritime material;
* Selection of associates for the fieldwork;
* Insight into the condition of the material in the field (priority is the area of Kotor and Boka Kotorska Bay );
* Creation of the test software for cataloguing and browsing;
* Resolving the issue of copyright with the owners of maritime material (with possible organization of a round-table-discussion on this topic);
* Drafting of the Report on the condition of maritime material;
* Multimedia exhibition of maritime material;
* PR activities.

Stage Two:

* Drafting of the Project of preservation of the most endangered maritime material;
* Creation of the pilot CKPCG database and its testing;
* Training of associates for cataloguing and browsing;
* Preparation of the Internet presentation of the CKPCG within the framework of Kotor Maritime Faculty Library;
* PR activities.

Stage Three:

* Final data processing, usability testing and defining the CKPCG interface;
* Creation of the traditional (paper) and electronic catalogue;
* Drafting of the Plan and programme of digitization of the most precious archival and library material;
* Preparation of the CD ROM on CKPCG;
* PR activities.

Stage Four:

* Finalizing the CKPCG and DCKPCG (Digitized Central Maritime Catalogue);
* Public presentation of the CKPCG and DCKPCG;
* Public presentation of the CD ROM on CKPCG project;
* PR activities.

Papers and presentations on the Project CKPCG

Until today, the Project CKPCG has been presented to the wide public by means of the public presentation and through scientific-professional papers presented on several high-level meetings in the country and abroad.

[Papers and presentations]

CKPCG Project financing

With the Stage One of the Project “Notar” competed on two occasion of the competitions of the Commission for the distribution of funds to the nongovernmental organizations in the Kotor Local Administration.

By the Decision on the distribution of funds, Official number. 07-2960 of 21st August 2003 (part IV, item 12) CDK “Notar” Kotor was granted the amount of € 3.000,00 for the realization of one part of the Project “Central maritime catalogue of Montenegro ”. The funds to the amount of € 2.450,00 were paid to the gyro-account of our organization on 6th October 2003 . On the realized activities, which the funds were granted for, “Notar” made the Programme and Financial report by the month of May 2004 inclusive and submitted the same to the Commission of Kotor Local Administration.

On the second Competition of Kotor Local Administration of 28th April 2004 “Notar” participated again, applying for the funds for the continuation of the Stage One of the CKPCG when it was granted the amount of € 500,00 for only one item in the Project – drafting of the financial preliminary estimate (the Agreement was signed on mutual rights and obligations in the realization of the Project, 07-2651 of 6th July 2004). The Agreement has not been respected and the funds have not yet been paid (written statement of “Notar” number 08-29/2 on non-discharged funds by Kotor Local Administration). On the meeting with the representatives of the Commission and Kotor Local Administration, on 7th May 2005 , it was promised that the reduced amount of € 400,00 would be paid as soon as possible. Until today, “Notar” has not received these funds.

Even this year, in the month of July, CDK “Notar“ has applied for the Stage One of CKPCG Project for the funds which the Commission for the distribution of funds to the nongovernmental organizations with the Parliament of the Republic of Montenegro . The funds needed amount to € 24.815 (taxes included). The results of the competitions are not yet known.

Project Coordinator

Ruža Danilović, Senior librarian
85330 KOTOR
Dobrota, Sv. Stasije L 7/4
Tel. +382 32 330-970 (office); +382 32 333-180 (home); +382 69 346 659
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.