Historical Archives Kotor together with Mathematical Faculty of Belgrade has begun work on the CD-ROM in the summer of 1997. The accomplishment of this CD-ROM was carried out by CDK - "Notar". The taking over of the CD-ROM project has as its consequence the inclusion of the material from all historically relevant archives and libraries of Kotor.

That is why CD-ROM was entitled  "Archives, Libraries & Monuments of Kotor". CD-ROM will contain documents and books from all archives and libraries of Kotor, as well as a survey of historical and cultural monuments of Kotor's region. Two documents will be presented in their totality: The Statute of Kotor and The First Public-Notary Book. In its final form CD-ROM will contain the following items:

*Introductory Text About History of  the City of Kotor. In this article you can read about basic historical facts about the Bay of Kotor, the Statute of Kotor, the First Public Notary Book and about Kotor Historical Archives.

*"Statuta et leges civitatis Cathari" (The Statute of Kotor), which is a printed book. It was printed in Venice in 1616 and the oldest provision of which dates back to the year 1301. So far all pages of the Statute where scanned and prepared for browsing. We plan to type in the text of the Statute and to make it computer searchable.

*The First Public Notary Book (1326-1335), which is the oldest notary book in possession of Kotor Historical Archives. We have already scanned this book and our plan is to make it computer searchable.

*The Collection of 177 Important Documents of Historical Archives Kotor. This collection covers various fields of human activity through the centuries in the region of the Bay of Kotor. The presentation contains pictures of documents and their descriptions (regesta).

*Collection of documents from other important archives and libraries of Kotor. Within the region of the Bay of Kotor there are several important church archives and libraries. This institutions possess archival documents and books from XI century to present day. That is why  CD-ROM will include material from the following institutions:
1. Kotor Diocesan Archives,
2. Serbian Orthodox Church Archives in Kotor,
3. Parochial Archives of St. Nicola's Church in Perast,
4. Franciscan Library of St. Clare Convent in Kotor,
5. Kotor Diocesan Library,
6. Serbian Orthodox Church Library in Kotor.

*Survey of record groups and collections of Kotor archives. The electronic form of survey is based on the last one published 1999. The survey will be presented as a structural list and a searchable database. It will provide basic information about each record group, like: the name of a record group, time of creation, number of volumes, language of a record group etc.

*General Overview of Historical and Cultural Monuments of Kotor region. Our ambition is to present all cultural and historical monuments in Kotor region. So far we have managed to make presentations for 100 monuments, but for a great number of them presentations have not yet been prepared. This segment of the CD-ROM is still in the developing stage, so lots of information and links will be included.

*Time line, which is going to contain links to all the documents, historical and cultural monuments, according to the time of their creation.

CD-ROM has allredy been presented in several occasions, let us mention a few of them:

1. World Exhibition EXPO'98, Lisbon, Portugal, 1998.

2.Conference: XXI Sodobni arhivi (Modern Archives XXI), Radenci, Slovenia from 23 to 24 March 1999.

3.Summer University - Automation of Archives, Central European University, Budapest, July 1999.

4.Digital Preservation of Medieval Manuscripts and Early Printed Books, Sofia, Bulgaria, July 1999.

5.Conference: Communications - Urban and Architectural Heritage in 3rd Millennium, Perast, Montenegro, September 1999.

6.1st Yugoslav Multimedia Fair, Belgrade, October 1999.

Let us mention that the CD-ROM is still being developed and we expect to finish it by the end of 2000.
We use this opportunity to ask for sponsors for the accomplishment of our CD-ROM.