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The workshop on digitization of cultural heritage in Kotor

"Digitization and valorization of cultural heritage: tools, methods, technologies (archives, libraries, museums)" is the name of the information-educational workshop organized by the Italian companies: Metis system from Rome, M.I.D.A. Informatica from Bergamo, the Hyperborea from Piza, and "Notar"from Kotor.

The workshop will be held on Tuesday, 5th May 2009 with the beginning at 12 a.m. The venue is Kotor Municipal Assembly Hall (Bizanti Palace) in Kotor Old Town.

During the Workshop, three Italian companies will present their products and services, as well as some of already realized digitization projects, processing and on-line presentation of archival and library materials and museum art collections. In addition, they will present their programmes of electronic management in cultural institutions and marketing management of any cultural event.

The number of participants in this workshop is not limited with the view of directly informing as many people as possible from archival, library and museum institutions, both state and church ones, in Montenegro, on the most advanced technological achievements in the field of cultural heritage. Following their presentations, the speakers will impart required information to the interested participants and distribute their advertising material.



The informative-educational workshop on digitization of cultural heritage was closed in the afternoon hours of 5th May 2009. The workshop was attended by 58 experts engaged in the protection and presentation of cultural heritage, archival and library material in particular, as well as in the application of IT in this area, then the representatives of state and local authorities, organizations, state and church archives, libraries and museums, NGO sector.

Alongside the Montenegrin experts, the workshop was attended by the colleagues from Dubrovnik libraries (Croatia), from Ljubljana University (Slovenia), from the Directorate General of Archives of Albania from Tirana and Duress, from the University of Utrecht (The Netherlands), from the University of Massachusetts (USA). The workshop was organized by METIS SYSTEMS from Rome, M.I.D.A. Informatica from Bergamo and Hyperborea from Pisa, in cooperation with „NOTAR“.


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The preparation of the collection of works

The preparation is underway for the printing of the collection of works from the International conference "Church archives and libraries. International experiences in the preservation, appraisal, description and presentation of cultural heritage stored in these institutions". The editors are the Center "Notar" and the International council on archives/Section for church archives and archives of religious denominations. The collection will be printed in hardback luxury cover in colour (dim. 24x17 cm), with about 350 pages, with all the texts in Serbian, English and the resumes in German, with colour pictures of the oldest examples of the cultural heritage preserved in archives and libraries. The publication will have as a supplement the CD-ROM with the Power Point presentations of the meeting, video presentations, video material of the course of the Conference, interviews and so on. The circulation is 500 copies. It is planned to be out of the print by the end of the summer 2003.


In line with the agreement on cooperation with „NOTAR" - Kotor, the archivist Mrs. Snežana Pejović translated the text of the computer programme of the company "Hyperborea", from Italian and English into Montenegrin, both in Latin and Cyrillic script. This programme can now be used in the countries of the former Serbo-Croatian or Croatian-Serbian linguistic region.

The demo-version of the ArianneWeb can be seen on the website:



NGO "Notar" will present the project The Central Electronic Montenegro Maritime Catalogue - CEMMC), ( that will take place in Palace Bizanti in the Old Town of Kotor, April 30th 2010 at 12 AM.

We invite all those who possess the archive, library and/or museum material on maritime affairs, to contact us for entering data on this material in the Central Electronic Montenegro Maritime Catalogue.

For all information or suggestions you can use e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and/or Tel: +382 32 330 970

Lecture of Prof. Dr Luigi Pellegrini

On 2nd July 2003 at Kotor, in the organization of the Center "Notar" and the Franciscan monastery of Santa Clara at Kotor, the lecture will be held of Prof. Dr Luigi Pellegrini with the topis: "One Italian manuscript from the 13th century and relations of the Minorites from the two Adriatic coasts". Prof. Dr Luigi Pellegrini is the professor at the Department for Middle Ages of the University of Chieti (Italy), Faculty for literature and philosophy.

Prof. Pellegrini will stay at Kotor from 30th June to 4th July 2003. During that time he will examine the fragments of the liturgical books and other documents, which are preserved in the Library of the Franciscan monastery at Kotor. Also, with the representatives of the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Montenegro he will have talks about the cooperation between Montenegro and the Inter-university centre for the study of the Adriatic cultures, whose seat is in Chieti, and it comprises the universities of Padua, Urbino, Bari, Lece and Palermo.