Within the framework of the project of Central Maritime Catalogue of Montenegro, the workshop was held in Kotor Public lending library on 4th July 2006 entitled «Cataloguing of library, archival and museum material for the Central Maritime Catalogue of Montenegro». The workshop was run by Ruža Danilović - Project coordinator, and Dr. Sanja Bauk - programmer. The workshop was attended by following persons: Snežana Pejović, president of «Notar», Jelena Antović,  Milica Strugar, Marija Mršić-Starčević, Jelena Nikolić, Jasmina Bajo, Tanja Cokić, Mirjana Vukasović, Aleksandra Kapetanović. The workshop mainly gathered the associates in the Project who will work on professional processing (cataloguing) of the said material and enter the same into the unified electronic maritime catalogue of Montenegro.
The associates (cataloguers) were familiarized with the manner of data input into appropriate masks, for each kind of material individually, and each cataloguer received the material necessary for individual cataloguing.
* Methodological instruction for the selection, professional processing (cataloguing), preservation and presentation of the material related to maritime affairs
* List of acronyms of the owners of maritime affairs related material for the field «Place» within the Central Maritime Catalogue of Montenegro
* Register of the owners of maritime affairs related material (this document is of an open type since the list is constantly updated)
The next workshop with the topic of cataloguing of library material will be dedicated to the writing of abstracts and it is planned for this September.