On Friday, January 21st 2005, at 7 p.m., «Notar» organizes the presentation of the Collection of works entitled “Church archives and libraries. International experiences in the preservation, appraisal, description and presentation of the cultural heritage stored in these institutions”, from the international conference which took place in Kotor from 17th to 18th April 2002.

The Collection came out of press in mid 2004, in the edition of the International Council on Archives/Section for church archives and archives of religious denominations (ICA/SKR) and the NGO «Notar».


During the presentation, the editors, Dr. Baier, the representative of ICA/SKR and Snežana Pejović, the president of «Notar», as well as the members of the editorial staff, Jelena Antović, (State Archives-Kotor Historical Archives) and Stevan Kordić, Master of mathematical sciences (Kotor Maritime Faculty), will be talking about the publication.

The publication contains all the papers presented at the Conference (24 works), of the participants from Germany , Holland , Hungary , Austria , Albania , Croatia and Montenegro , as well as other accompanying material from the meeting. The papers were published in three languages. They are supplemented with appropriate colour illustrations, mostly of the oldest documents from churches in Montenegro of all three denominations. The printed copy of the publication is accompanied with the CD-ROM which contains the Collection in PDF format and various supplementary materials from the Conference, in VHS or other form.

The Collection of works is a colour hardback book having 470 pages and printed in 500 copies.

The price of one copy with the CD-ROM is €  25.00, and the price of the CD-ROM itself is € 10.00 and you can order it via the NGO «Notar».