1-4 December 2008, in Brussels, Belgium, the European Commission hosted a study visit for the civil society representatives from the Western Balkan countries and Turkey. The theme of the meeting was "Multi-Cultural Dialogue. EU legislation and actions in the field of culture and heritage".

The meeting was organized by the People to People Programme, Civil Society Facility, DG Enlargement.

The main goal of the visit was a gathering of representatives of civil society from the countries of the Western Balkans and Turkey in order to:

1 improve their knowledge of European legislation in the field of culture and cultural heritage, including the latest developments in this field,

2. become familiar with the programs and activities of the EU related to the multicultural dialogue, as well as specific projects are implemented in the area;

3. become familiar with the institutions of the EU

4. to provide them with an opportunity to exchange opinions, experiences and examples of good practice relating to the multicultural dialogue.

About 30 representatives of non-governmental organization from the Western Balkan countries and Turkey participated in the meeting.

Montenegro was represented by the following non-governmental organization:
- «Notar», Kotor, Mrs. Snežana Pejović

- «Prostory», Podgorica, Mr. Sehad Čekić

- «EXPEDITIO», Kotor, Miss. Aleksandra Kapetanović