The workshop on digitization of cultural heritage in Kotor

"Digitization and valorization of cultural heritage: tools, methods, technologies (archives, libraries, museums)" is the name of the information-educational workshop organized by the Italian companies: Metis system from Rome, M.I.D.A. Informatica from Bergamo, the Hyperborea from Piza, and "Notar"from Kotor.

The workshop will be held on Tuesday, 5th May 2009 with the beginning at 12 a.m. The venue is Kotor Municipal Assembly Hall (Bizanti Palace) in Kotor Old Town.

During the Workshop, three Italian companies will present their products and services, as well as some of already realized digitization projects, processing and on-line presentation of archival and library materials and museum art collections. In addition, they will present their programmes of electronic management in cultural institutions and marketing management of any cultural event.

The number of participants in this workshop is not limited with the view of directly informing as many people as possible from archival, library and museum institutions, both state and church ones, in Montenegro, on the most advanced technological achievements in the field of cultural heritage. Following their presentations, the speakers will impart required information to the interested participants and distribute their advertising material.

In order for the representatives of the above Italian companies to become acquainted with the condition of our cultural heritage and examine ways for further cooperation during their stay in Montenegro (May 6th and 7th), "Notar" will endeavour to schedule some visits to the most significant cultural institutions in Kotor, Cetinje and Podgorica. During the visits, they will exchange their views with the management of these institutions and with the state and local authorities responsible for this area of cultural heritage.

More information about the said Italian companies can be found at:,,


Programme of the Workshop

12.00 Welcoming address

Snezana Pejovic, Notar

12.15 Digital technologies for the protection and preservation of cultural heritage

Massimo Colombo, Metis Systems    (Rome, Italy)

12.45 Computerized cataloguing of   Cultural Heritage. Acquisition and digitization of  aancient and precious documents

Sergio Bellini, M.I.D.A. Informatica   (Bergamo, Italy)

13.00  Coffee break

13.15 Arianna 3.2: Description and arrangement of Archives. AriannaWeb and E-gallery: on-line use of cultural heritage

Luca Pieraccini, Hyperborea (Pisa, Italy)

13.45  M.I.D.A. Ticket: a modern way of selling tickets and marketing management of any cultural event

Sergio Bellini, M.I.D.A.

14.10  End of the presentation