Lecture of Prof. Dr Luigi Pellegrini

On 2nd July 2003 at Kotor, in the organization of the Center "Notar" and the Franciscan monastery of Santa Clara at Kotor, the lecture will be held of Prof. Dr Luigi Pellegrini with the topis: "One Italian manuscript from the 13th century and relations of the Minorites from the two Adriatic coasts". Prof. Dr Luigi Pellegrini is the professor at the Department for Middle Ages of the University of Chieti (Italy), Faculty for literature and philosophy.

Prof. Pellegrini will stay at Kotor from 30th June to 4th July 2003. During that time he will examine the fragments of the liturgical books and other documents, which are preserved in the Library of the Franciscan monastery at Kotor. Also, with the representatives of the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Montenegro he will have talks about the cooperation between Montenegro and the Inter-university centre for the study of the Adriatic cultures, whose seat is in Chieti, and it comprises the universities of Padua, Urbino, Bari, Lece and Palermo.