Visit to the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities

Upon the invitation of Dr Salvatore Italia, director of the General direction of archives of the Ministry of cultural heritage and cultural activities of Italy from 23rd to 27th September 2002 Snežana Pejović, the president of "Notara" visited Rome for the purpose of the agreement regarding the realization of the project "School of palaeography, diplomatic and archival science" at Kotor, with the help of the experts-lecturers from the Italian schools. According to the agreement, this expert cooperation would be carried out on the basis of the inter-state agreement between the State archives of Montenegro and the General direction of Italian archives.

Excerpt from the Minute kept at the meeting:

"2. Since mutual interest was noticed to support the training of the archivists and other experts in the filed of Latin palaeography and diplomatic science, considering the education an indispensable element which influences the expertise of archivists and researchers-historians, the parties will support this training within the framework of the multilateral initiative. The Italian side will appoint a professional person for lecturer at the annual course which is organized by the Center ?Notar? from Kotor, whose value and importance are recognized on the basis of submitted programmes and documents, as well as the information about the course itself. The expert will utilize the conditions of accommodation and stay from the Agreement;..."

According to the notice which was presented to "Notar" in March 2003 by the director general, Dr Salvatore Italia, the lecturer at this year's Course of Latin palaeography within the said School, should be Dr Franco Rossi, the director of the State archives of Treviso. The final date of the next course is expected to be determined this autumn and it will be known after the agreement with the lecturer, Dr Rossi.