NOTAR IN INTERNATIONAL FIDA (Fiume Istria Dalmazia Archivi) AND SIDA PROJECTS (Serenissima Istria Dalmazia Archivi)

„Archival groups from the period of the Venetian Republic in the Museum of the Town of Perasta", is the title of the project which „Notar" applied with for the funds of the Veneto Region in 2008 in the category entitled: Projects for the restoration, preservation, conservation and presentation of cultural heritage of Venetian provenance in Istria and Dalmatia for the year 2009 (Regional Law no. 15, 1994 for the protection and valorization of the cultural herittage of venetian provenance in Istria and Dalmatia).

Hrough this project „Notar" has become part of the international research projects of FIDA and SIDA.

These projects were presented at the international conference held in the State Archives of Trieste on 12th December 2009 on which occasion the web-page was promoted which includes „Notar's" project as well:

The objective of the Project is to arrange and process archival material in the possession of the Museum of the Town of Perast, which is quite damaged following numerous removals and which is not stored and processed in line with the contemporary archival standards. The value of the Project is € 25.150,00, but the competition commission approved the amount of € 10.000,00. The Project has not yet started being implemented, since the approved funds have not yet been transferred onto the account of our organization.