I - Promoting the cooperation of all institutions and individuals from the territory of the municipality of Kotor possessing documentary heritage, professionally involved with it or having professional knowledge regarding the preservation, description and promotion of the same.

II - Promoting the professional function of identifying, preserving, appraising, processing and presentation of documentary heritage.

III - Education and training in the field of archival science, paleography, diplomatics, library science, languages and IT.

IV - Professional and scientific activity.

V - Publishing activity.

VI - Developing professional cooperation within the country and abroad.


1.Establishment of a register of all institutions and individuals in the territory of the municipality of Kotor which have custody of its documentary heritage.
2.Promoting collaboration with stakeholders (custodians/record keeping professionals) working on preservation, appraisal, processing and presentation of documentary heritage.
3.Encouraging the collaboration with stakeholders–owners of documentary heritage.
4.Stimulating cooperation with stakeholders-creators who maintain records within institutions.
5.Collaboration with professional conservators to preserve and restore Kotor's documentary heritage.
6.Cooperation with stakeholders (researchers) interested in using such documents for primary research.
7.Coordination of work on identification, processing and preservation of documentary heritage among stakeholders (institutions or individuals).
8.Coordination of work on realization of joint projects of presentation of documentary heritage.
9.Stimulating free flow of information among above mentioned stakeholders, objective approach to interpretation of data from Kotor's documentary heritage, as well as exchange of ideas, experiences and literature.
10.Organization of work on fund raising for permanent preservation (restoration and conservation, microfilming and digital preservation) of documentary heritage.
11.Fundraising to support and fulfill Centre's aims and programmes.


1.Razvijanje svijesti, kako kod lica koja profesionalo rade sa dokumentarnim nasljeđem, tako i kod građanstva i nadležnih državnih organa, o značaju postojećeg dokumentarnog blaga Kotora za afirmaciju lokalne i nacionalne istorije u Crnoj Gori.
2.Popularizacija u široj javnosti putem medija pomenute djelatnosti na identifikaciji, zaštiti, valorizaciji, obradi i prezentaciji dokumentarnog nasljeđa.
3.Popularizacija uloge i značaja institucija koje se bave ovom djelatnošću.
4.Promovisanje saznanja da se ovdje radi o dokumentarnom nasljeđu koje je dio svjetske kulturne baštine i koje sadrži relevantne istorijske podatke, počev od srednjeg vijeka, kako za Boku kotorsku i Crnu Goru, tako i za zemlje u neposrednom okruženju.


1.Raising awareness among records and archives professionals as well as the general public and relevant state bodies of the importance of the existing documentary treasure of Kotor as primary evidence of local and national history in the Republic of Montenegro.
2.Raising awareness of the activity of identification, preservation, appraisal, processing and promotion of documentary heritage through the media.
3.Promoting the role and importance of institutions dealing with these professional activities.
4.Promoting the philosophy that such documentary heritage is a part of the world cultural heritage and that it contains relevant historical data, dating back to the Middle ages, both for the Bay of Kotor itself and Montenegro, and neighboring countries.


1.Offering the full range of professional support and expertise to institutions and individuals in their work on identification, preservation, appraisal, processing and promotion of Kotor's documentary heritage.
2.Organization of professional and scientific gatherings, symposia, seminars, conferences, meetings, lectures with discussions, exhibitions, educational trips and other types of professional-scientific activity.
3.Monitoring all current information and literature in the world regarding preservation and presentation of documentary cultural heritage, with a view to appropriate dissemination of such information and materials, translated and adjusted to the users.
4.Stimulating versatile use of the documentary heritage of Kotor through studying, offering and applying modern document handling and processing procedures (digital processing and preservation).
5.Projecting joint information system for stakeholders of Kotor's documentary heritage in the territory of this municipality.
6.Organization of work on inclusion of Kotor's documentary heritage into projects of processing and presentation of similar cultural treasure outside the territory of the municipality of Kotor.
7.Instigating the development of scientific activities regarding this documentary heritage.


1.Making regular bulletin of the Centre, both in traditional (printed) and Internet format.
2.The Centre's Website where each member would be able to present his catalogue- guide with a choice of most precious and most significant documents from his material.
3.Making CD-ROMs and printing monographic publications, which would present complete or thematic parts of documentary heritage in possession of a member of this Centre.
4.Making or participation in making scientific-professional publications (collection of documents, facsimile and transcription editions).
5.Quality guides-information books to the cultural heritage of Kotor, both in traditional and electronic versions, with the object of presenting of Kotor to tourists in the town and the Republic of Montenegro.


1.Stimulating and developing cooperation between related associations, institutions and individuals both within the country and abroad.
2.Promoting cooperation between related associations and institutions, particularly in the neighboring countries and the Mediterranean, with the objective of exchanging information about complementary sources and inclusion as appropriate in all forms of documentary heritage, especially in the countries on the eastern coast of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean.
3.Promoting the free exchange of information, ideas and experiences with all related associations, institutions and individuals in the countries, which, in the past, played a role in the creation of Kotor's documentary heritage.
4.Forming partnerships with archives in Italy (Bari, Rome, Venice), which have schools for paleography and diplomatics to cooperate in organizing courses teaching these subjects areas.
5.Forming links with international organizations, which take care of documentary heritage and make international regulations on access to cultural heritage, its preservation, free flow of information, and so on.
6.Instigating the activity on identification and documentation of complementary sources within the country and abroad in state, church and private archives, various other cultural institutions, museums and libraries, universities, scientific institutions and etc.
7.Professional-scientific contacts with universities and research centres both within the country and abroad with the objective of promoting the documentary heritage of Kotor as a part of world heritage and stimulating research in this field.
8.Cooperation with non-governmental associations, which aim to promote free flow of information and objective interpretation of primary source material for the sake of the promotion of science, especially archival science, in this region.
9.Stimulating cooperation with UNESCO.
10.Establishing a collaborative arrangement with International Information Centre for Sources on the History of the Balkans and Mediterranean – CIBAL.
11.Becoming a member of International Council on Archives – ICA.